Dictionary reader for your Palm PDA

Powered with rich set of language, professional, scientific and even entertainment dictionary lexicons, BDicty will quickly become one of the most valuable and used applications in your handheld.

Some of the features of BDicty include:

  • Specialized for reference content (dictionaries)
  • Hundreds of language, specialized and entertainment dictionaries and phrasebooks
  • Available on other mobile platforms
  • International Phonetic Alphabet-based database of English pronunciations
  • Keyword coloring makes reading easier (requires lexicon versions 2.0 and higher)
  • Full text search within dictionary articles turns every dictionary in a thesaurus!
  • Support for talking travel phrasebooks with native language speakers
  • Support for wide screen portrait and landscape modes /where applicable/
  • Specially optimized for speed on new, faster Palm OS 5 devices with ARM processors

Excellent dictionary application for your Palm device.



BDicty Light 5.7